Rise of the Fae Book Review


Neeman has tried everything to overcome the pain of both heartbreak and being forcibly turned into a vampyr. When he meets the headstrong Selene in a nightclub, she could be the change he needs. Her beautiful human-like features stand out among the vamps, and he has no choice but to bring her back to his Tracking Squad’s compound before she gets herself killed. Charged with stopping a demon invasion, Selene has been sent back to the Earth Realm by the Fae. But en route, she loses the talisman that can keep her darker nature, and her impulses, under control. With Vampires now ruling Earth there are more vices than ever to distract her from her mission. Especially Neeman, whose hard body and piercing gaze awakens a primal desire within her. He’s the only one who can protect her from The Society, and from even darker forces on the horizon…but he can’t protect her from himself.

I liked the world that was built. I also liked the idea of different planes and the battle to keep one group from infiltrating the plane of the other. I liked Selene and Seraphine, the idea of her being a mix of two species and each of those getting their own personality, name, and physical characteristics was cool. Neeman I found kind of dull. Sure he is a sexy bad ass vampire enforcer, but his brooding was annoying and his personality was kind of dull. I didn’t really get what would make these two fall in love so fast considering the lack of trust and time spent between them. I will probably read the next book in the series, but this isn’t a series I will be eagerly anticipating a new book from.


Reign of the Vampires Book Review


She wants security. He wants freedom. Together their love could destroy the world. Ten years after the outbreak of the V2000 virus turns the majority of humans into a mutated Vampire sub-species, the last remaining true humans are the world’s hottest commodity. In this new world, it’s The Society that rules. Being the only female Vampire Lord in America isn’t easy. Being thrust into the role of CEO is even harder. Danika Chekov refuses to let her father’s legacy die. She’s resolved to keep everything under her tight control. But after she’s almost killed, she’s forced to purchase a human guardian. Mason is human, or so the Vampires think. He’s determined to protect his secret, but Lord Danika buys him before he can make his escape. Their passion for each other threatens everything they want most. And when Mason’s true nature is exposed, the results could be devastating.

The most interesting things about this story were events that took place decades before. I have no idea why the author created such an interesting such and rich backstory, then wrote such a formulaic novel. I would’ve much rather read about before Vampire coming out, them coming out, the creation of the virus, and creation of a new society. Instead we got the typical damsel in destress, trying to rule in a man’s world, who is rescued by a giant sexy warrior.

I never felt connected to Danika as a heroine, and since it was her story I knew she would be triumphant but I didn’t care. Mason was a character I found had an extremely interesting past but just snippets were mentioned. I’m not usually a fan of flashbacks, but with his past I would’ve loved to have read some. It was a quick read but not something I couldn’t put down.

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