Finished Up All Of My December Reads!

Still trying to catch up. ARC’s are at the top of the list at the moment, but mt TBR pile….all my WANT TO READ BOOK’S, are screaming at me for attention.
The next few weeks are going to be spent doing what I love most. …Reading, with a DO NOT DISTURB SIGN posted on my book cave door.
Merry Christmas to Everyone.

Pirate Patty Reviews

How are all of my fellow Book Bloggers doing on your Goodreads Challenge?

I will be gone next week so I’m getting all of my ARC reviews turned in beginning to read the May releases.

We had a death in our family last night, so I’ve loaded up the Fire Tablet, the Kindle and got a new book in the mail yesterday so I can sit in a corner and read wherever we may be.

Have a good day. Be Nice!

xx Patricia

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