Author’s Giveaway’s & Promotion’s

I think it’s absolutely amazing how many Author’s take the time and major effort, to give us ( the reader’s ) every opportunity to introduce us to not only their own work, but also numerous other writer’s.

In an industry that is extremely competitive, it show’s us the caliber and character’s of an extremely large group of Author’s who understand just how important it is for the larger majority to work together and assist each other so that everyone involved can achieve their higher aim.

In any industry where artist’s work together, often it can be a very lonely road, so I must say, knowing that so many are stepping up to help both themselves and  each other while doing everything they can to open the door’s for reader’s to find New Author’s, and introduce us to their New Book’s is highly commendable. As reader’s and supporter’s of this awesome industry, I believe it’s in everyone’s best interest to help in any small way we can.

Knowing how hard it really is to create these terrific book’s, and as indie Author’s do a huge amount of the work themselves, I think when we can donate a little something, or go out on a limb occasionally and promote a book that you find took your breath away, we can give back a little of the large effort these wonderful Author’s put together for us.

A small comment or even simply word of mouth, on your Facebook page, can do wonder’s for any writer. I really appreciate any time taken that you take to let other’s know how superb this wonderful family is. Helping each other can only create a positive result.


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